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Respect for something, respect for others

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We Japaneses believe in Japanese religion. Japanese Buddhism. We believe in common ethical perspective and philosophy in every religion. I’m so proud of religious outlook. I didn’t know it Until recently.

Anyway, “8時だよ、神仏習合” is best title of the FM program.

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Gratitude, Reflection and Respect

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He said that three mindsets are important. They are gratitude, reflection and respect.
Sen-nichi kaihougyo (千日回峰行) is the 1000 days devotional circuit on Mt. Hiei in Kyoto. Every day the monk walks over 40km on the trail for 1000 days. In addition, after that, he got another devotional circuit without food, water, sleep and lie-down for 9 days.
And he said that gratitude, reflection and respect are important. They make us happy.
Someday I want to understand the thought.

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my own limit

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I’m not sure that anything is possible in life and running. But I think actually there is a limit. But I don’t think rarely anyone reach their personal limit physically and mentally when we came down to the mountain.

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クラウド知的仕事術 スマホ活用のノマドワーク仕事術、読了

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クラウドで思考を深め、仕事力をアップさせよ!  クラウド知的仕事術 スマホ活用のノマドワーク仕事術
牛山 恭範
売り上げランキング: 47811


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感動。IRONMAN Hawai 2006

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